Pillar Point Tidepool Stewards

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The pandemic has brought thousands of new visitors to Pillar Point Reef and the increased harvesting is taking its toll on the ecology of the area.

The San Mateo MPA Collaborative and California Academy of Sciences is launching this new initiative to inspire curiosity and discourage unsustainable harvesting practices of marine life, to help the recovery of wildlife in the area and ensure a productive, biodiverse reef for generations to come.

Photo (c) by Rob Cala

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We are looking for enthusiastic friendly adults (18+) to volunteer to talk to visitors about 3-5 times a year on Pillar Point Reef in Half Moon Bay during really low tides.

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There is a two day training to help you get all the knowledge and techniques you’ll need. If you fill in the volunteer application form, we'll let you know when we schedule the next training

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