Tidepool Stewards

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Get your feet wet and protect our coast, become a tidepool steward!


Head to the reef, talk to visitors about how unique and important our rocky intertidal habitat is, and enhance their visit to the coast.

In places where people are allowed to fish and collect, we can teach sustainable harvesting techniques and the ecological reasons behind the rules.


We aim to inspire visitors to protect our coast.

It's remarkable to consider that if all the tidepools in California were combined, they would span a mere 15 square miles. This vital ecosystem serves as an exclusive haven for numerous unique species and serves as a crucial nursery for the broader ocean.


We can empower visitors to become stewards of the fragile intertidal ecosystem by sharing our enthusiasm and employing proven interpretative methods.

We encourage them to discover practical ways to contribute to the preservation of our reefs and oceans, combating plastic pollution and addressing climate change in their daily lives.

Current programs

Pillar Point

Half Moon Bay, San Mateo MPA

Pillar Point Reef is near but not in the Montara MPA and SMCA, it teems with diverse marine life. Our stewards educate visitors on sustainable practices. The reef features shallow pools, seagrass areas, and deep canyons.

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Bolinas, Golden Gate MPA

Duxbury Reef SMCA, near Bolinas, Marin County, hosts North America's largest shale reef. It's a small MPA with extensive tidepools. Stewards are in an educational role and sometimes offer tours.

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